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javaScript mixins
Mixins In JavaScript
What is a Mixin? Original concept of mixin came from an ice cream shop that provided on-demand customizable ice cream.
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JavaScript Classes
JavaScript Classes
Class Keyword JavaScript uses the class keyword, which was introduced in ES2015. Prior to ES2015, you can create objects by
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Object.setPrototypeOf() Method JavaScript
There are two camps in JavaScript, one who uses function constructors to create objects and one who directly uses object
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Object.create method JavaScript
JavaScript Object.Create method to achieve prototypal inheritance.
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  1. hi I am looking for one-one training . Can you kindly let me know ..i am a student looking for job in california on Front End UI, Angular JS.

      1. Need to know about your one to one training. Can you kindly let me know. I am in EST time zone.

      2. Hey, i was just viewing your youtube channel and I wanted to know how did you take your website online?

  2. Hi I want to learn AngularJS and NodeJS. Please, could you let me know.


  3. I am also in Bay area and i am also looking for jobs as Front-end developer. i have experience of 5 years as a web developer but i need to get a more knowledge on the OOJS if you can give some more idea about it.
    Looking forward to hear from you.


  4. hi
    i am sabbir ahmed i want to learn javascript advanced tuitorial.
    but i could not found anything in your website.I am not registered how can i register here.

  5. Hi,
    Some time ago I was filtering through the youtube channels for coercion in JS, ( I am a beginner ), came across your channel and could connect with what you were saying and helped me in wrapping my head around that weird part, I follow your channel , I would like to know about your availability for one on one sessions online?


  6. hi I am looking for basic to advanced training . Can you kindly let me know ..i am a frondend developer and i want to learn Angular JS, advanced JS

  7. Hi manoj,

    Nice tutorials of JavaScript. My confusion is cleared on call, apply and bind.

    Pravin Chukkala

  8. Hi,
    to start with, many thanks for the good classes. Much appreciated.

    May I kindly ask, why you have chosen in
    around min 18 to uses “this.” for your Pizza object attributes?

    This question led you to two conclusions : quote:
    (1) remember to always use new
    (2) you cannot access the properties like Pizza.toppings

    Here is my cat. She does not understand your Pizza completely.

    const cat = () => {
    const sound = ‘miow’
    return {
    talk: () => console.log(sound)
    const carlo = cat() // Outputs: “miow”
    console.log( carlo.legs) // Outputs: 4

    The reason , why I send you this mail is, because “they” keep telling me to not use new and this. Both are evil: this requires bind all the time (meaning it breaks) and new is the road to classical inheritance, which I should avoid.

    Now I can live with “my” factory pattern (from Elliot and Johansson)… it goes like this: BUT (but is below)

    let animal = {
    animalType: ‘animal’,

    describe () {
    return console.log(
    `An ${this.animalType} with ${this.furColor} fur,
    ${this.legs} legs, and a ${this.tail} tail.`)

    //let mouse = function mouse () { // not required at all…
    const mouse = () =>{
    let secret = ‘secret agent’

    return Object.assign(Object.create(animal), { // source ist Object.create(animal)
    animalType: ‘mouse’, // wird auf dieses Objekt kopiert.
    furColor: ‘brown’,
    legs: 4,
    tail: ‘long, skinny’,
    profession () {
    return console.log(secret)

    But I still do not get it right – here is “my Pizza” , say first approach: I do have choices ‘thin’, ‘thick’, ‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’ and then of course a few different prices.
    HOW to construct and how to access a thick crust, medim Pizza?
    This should be a standard … seems it is clear to the entire www community except myself.

    let PizzaAny = {
    crustType:[‘thin’ , ‘thick’],
    size: [‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’],
    describe () {
    return console.log(
    `A ${this.crustType} crust Pizza in size: ${this.size}`)

    let pizzaSalami = function PizzaSalami (crustType, size) {
    return Object.assign(Object.create(PizzaAny), { // source ist Object.create(animal)
    toppings: 4, // wird auf dieses Objekt kopiert.
    cheese: ‘standard’,
    ham: ‘salami’,
    special: ‘peperoni’,
    name:’Pizza Salami forte’
    price:{small:7, medium: 8, large: 9}
    describe () {
    return console.log(´A ${} in )

  9. I was going through your video tutorials over youtube on javascript. They are actually quite nice.
    I have some doubts..
    Can you please provide me your mail id.

  10. Thanks for sharing video over youtube. I have seen all your video for JavaScript and you have explained it extremely good.

  11. Hi Team

    I urgently need a help from below problem, can anyone show me how to solve this algorithm below. My experience in js is not solid.
    calculate the integer n such that n^2 + 5n + 18 = 7363094, assuming n is an integer 0 <= n <= 10000 using javascript.

    1. //n*n + 5*n + 18 = 7363094 , n<=10000 let x = function(){ for(let i=1; i<=10000; i++){ if(i*i + 5*i +18 === 7363094){ return i; } } return 0; } console.log(x()) //anser is 2711

  12. Hi, i need to learn the advanced java script from you . i am check your youtube video’s daily . its quite good for me but i need one suggestions also that is i have find one more link of https:/
    here i have checked multiple no of videos but they all are licenesd of 640/- Indian rupees. So, is this good tutorials or not.
    Should i buy there lecture video’s.
    please tell me the detail about it.

  13. Hello Techsith,
    I have been following your tutorials since long time. they are very easy to understand. I was struggling to implement ng2 youtubeplayer in my project. I referred “” this link. It works for hardcoded id.

    I want it to run a particular video when i pass a dynamic id.
    Any help will be appreciated.


  14. Hi,
    I have recently started going through your videos & they were of great help.
    I have come to California last month & I want to apply for web developer jobs in South Bay Area.
    I have 4 years of experience working as developer in MNC.
    Can you please provide me some guidance on how to apply for job roles in Bay Area.

  15. I really appreciate your tutorial in Youtube Channel.

    Question if I may. Which Grid would you recommend to use in Angular Cli 5/4 ng-grid, UI-grid or which one?


    1. Hi Willy,
      I have used UI-Grid which is pretty good. It has all the features that most projects would need. As for the ng-grid, I have not used it so I dont know much about it.


  16. Thank you so much for all your videos. Really simple and easy to understand.

    I have a question and a request.

    Request – Video on Event Loop and RequestAnimationFrame

    Question – In the following code, what needs to be changed to log

    hello -> Prints after 1 sec

    setTimeout(function() {
    }, 500);
    for (var i = 0; i < 10000000; i++)

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